I was born in Siófok, Hungary in 1988. I picked up the basics of flute and music theory at the local music school. When I was 15 years old, I quit playing the flute for a while and learned to play the guitar, meanwhile I mostly listened to rock music. I started to become familiar with jazz at the age of 18, when I was admitted to the Dr. Lauschmann Gyula Jazz Conservatory in Székesfehérvár where I was taught by Miklós Birta. The following year I moved to Budapest and continued my studies at the Bartók Béla Conservatory of Music, I graduated from the Jazz Guitar programme in 2010.

Then I spent 3 years in Spain where the flute reappeared in my life. I earned a living by playing music in the streets of Spain. During these years I truly realized how much music meant to me. Street music gave me freedom and I had the possibility to concentrate on practicing and improving my music skills. I travelled around Spain and spent some time in Southern France, Italy, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden as well.

In the autumn of 2013 I moved to Berlin. I have been taking jazz flute lessons from Tilmann Dehnhard within the framework of a music programme since 2014. As a “European cultural capital” Berlin is an excellent place to get to know and to try out different music styles.

I have played with the following music groups: Angela Ordu and the Queensland Band, Marcos Dalelane Band and the Afro Berlin High Orchestra, Groove Fabrik


Karamintzios Trio

Michi Hartmann and the

My current music bands:

I am focusing at the moment only on my own music. I perform alone and with Felix Komoll ( Guitar, Cello, Flute), and Daniel Schwarzwald ( piano).


Besides playing music teaching also gives me so much joy. I have been offering private lessons since 2014 and have been teaching at the Zauberklang Music School since February 2016. ( Berlin)

Next concerts:

12.4.2018 Nárcisz Németh & Felix Komoll duo at Galatea Weinbar, Lenaustraße 5, 12047 Berlin

5.7.2018 Nárcisz Németh mit Band at "Bluesundfuntschi" in Billiard Eck, Lenaustraße 5, 12047 Berlin

6.7.2018 Nárcisz Németh & Felix Komoll duo concert in Musikwohnzimmer, Barnstorfer Weg 37, 18057 Rostock


15.2.2018 19:00 Birthday concert at Kühlspot Galery, Berlin

11.11.2017 solo concert at Russian Evening, Liepe, Alte Brennerei

14.07.201720:00 Michi Hartmann and the ten thousend spoons, Musikwohnzimmer, Rostock

19.05.201716:00 Michi Hartmann and the ten thousend spoons, Nachbarnschaftsetage, Wedding, Berlin

11.12.2016 20:00 Michi Hartmann and the ten thousend spoons, Kamine und Wein, Berlin

19.11.2016 Record release Konzert mit Eva Kyselka, Union Theather, Berlin

11.06.2016 13:00-20:00 Sommerfestival Zauberklang and Healing Chants, Freiluftkino Friedrichshagen,

11.06.2016 at 21:00 Grove Fabrik - at Tiefgrund, 10245, Laskerstraße 5, 10245 Berlin - 5 euro entrance fee

31.05.2016 at 21:00 Grove Fabrik - Opening band at jam session in Hangar 49, Holzmarktstraße 15-18, 10179 Berlin

28.05.2016 13:00-19:00 Open days at Musikschule Kladow, Ritterfelddamm 159 14089 Berlin

27.05.2016 at 15:00-18:00 Michi Hartmann and the then thousend spoon, Fabrik Osloer Straße, Osloer Straße 12, 13359 Berlin

09.05.2016at 19:00: Hubble Festival, Berlin - playing with Groove Fabrik at 23: 30 Urban Spree

23.04.2016 at 20: 00 Paul Hindemith Music school study preparation course concert at Werkstatt der Kulturen

23.04.2016 at 15:00 "Zauberklang Weltmusik" die Zauberklang Akustik Band mit modernen Interpretationen von Musik alter Kulturen Indiens, Europas, Afrikas und Australiens, auch zum Mitsingen Eisdiele Süße Sünde, Am Göthepark 17a 15566 Berlin, Schöneiche

26.03.2016 at 20:00 Karaminztios Duó - Free entrance

Classic Rock Coffee Budapest, Corvin Sétány 2/C, Budapest, Hungary, 1086

16.03.2016 at 19:00 solo concert

Hungarian Embassy, Berlin

13.03.2016 at 18:00 Paul Hindemith Music school study preparation course concert

Prachtwerk, Berlin

5.03.2016 at 20: 00 "Stuvo" ensemble: Speak no Evil with Tone Jones (Ray Kaczynsky)

Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

27.03.2016 at 19:00 Paul Hindemith Music school study preparation course concert

Cafe Olé, Berlin

29.01.2016 at 219:30 Álomfa concert

Humboldt Bibliothek, Berlin

8.01.2016 Karamintzios Trio

Le Labo, Berlin

23.11.2015 at 19:30 Álomfa concert with duo Elisabeth Ruhe and Zhenja Oks

Pinellodrom, Dominicusstr 5-9, 10823 Berlin. CrossKultur Festival

1.11.2015 at 18:00 Álomfa concert

Tabor church, Taborstraße. 17, 10997 Berlin

24.10.2015 at 21:00 Afro Berlin High Orchestra concert

B-flat, Berlin

17.10.2015 at 21:00 Afro Berlin High Orchestra concert

Das Edelweiss, Berlin

16.10.2015 at 20:00 Yuko Otomo & Steve Dalachinsky and Álomfa Quartett

Kühlspot Social Club - Lehderstrasse 74-76, 13086 Berlin

4.09.2015 at 20:00 Álomfa with duo Elisabeth Ruhe and Zhenja Oks

Osterkirche, Samoastr. 14, 13353 Berlin

10.07.2015 at 20:00 concert with Marcos Coll band as guest musician

Blues Festival, Budapest

30. and 31.05.2015 Álomfa - music workshop for children

FEZ, Berlin

29.05.2015 at 15:00 Álomfa - music workshop for children

Kleist Forum, Frankfurt Oder

25.05.2015 at 12:00 Karamintzios Trio

Karneval der Kulturen, Berlin

23.05.2015 at 20:00 Karamintzios Trio

Budapest Calling, Berlin

9.05.2015 at 20:00 Álomfa concert

Budapest Calling, Berlin

28.03.2015 at 20:00 Álomfa concert

Pierogarnia, Berlin

22.03.2015 at 15:00 Álomfa concert PA 58, Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin, Frühlingsfest "Wedding hilft !"

27.02.2015 at 20:00 Angela Ordu and the Quensland Band

Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

4.02.2015 Thentausend Spoon with Michi Hartmann

Gloria Restaurant, Berlin

27.07.2014 at 16:00 Álomfa concert

Jazzfest Uckermark,


Here is a video of the flute performance at the Hungarian Embassy, Berlin: 16.03.2016